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I want to make a complaint about Prophet Stephen Choate well knowned in US regarding my email prophecy reading the amount USD 65/-.I already paid using the paypal but havent receive my reading yet almost 8 days...

He never keep his words and i never receive any email reading from him.. He also ignored my incoming emails and won't refund my money. I don't think you are a close friend with God because you don't have a fruit of the spirit.

He more concerned about fame and money on the site.And all i want is refund my money.

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Billund, Syddanmark, Denmark #993055

report him too Trinity Foundation and fbi internet crime

he is conman


Dear viewers,

I want you to know that you are an amazing.All of you.

Someone I believe in and pray for. I realize over the years you may not like me for whatever reason. Truth is I have given far greater amounts of money away than I have taken in. This is a fact.

Truth be told, I have helped much more people than you could think of or imagine. When my popularity took off it was very difficult to deal with the demand. Some orders were late, others were missed, but even so thousands were helped.

Was I wrong for being late on personal prophecies?

Sure I was. But when you deal with thousands of individuals it can be difficult. Refunds are never refused. Ever.

To clarify some of your concerns I will respond.

Only because some are legitimate to my actions. While some things shared is slander and untrue completely. To clear the air as I feel led to. So that you would know emphatically so the truth.

I will now answer some of your questions.

Have I missed personal prophecy sessions? YES. but my integrity now is phenomenal.

Also, anyone who feels that they are wronged on any level may always file a dispute with our merchant account Paypal. They will honor any financial concern you may bring to them within 45 days and protects each transaction up to $20,000. We have had an account with Paypal for nearly a decade. Also there was never any intention behind missing sessions as if some people actually...

This is not the case at all. What happened was a management problem that has since been corrected. As integrity and class has returned on a high level.

The only reason I had difficult dealing with the demand years ago as I am able to manage things more affectively now was because I was hitting on things such as the exact week of Michael Jackson's death, the 9.0 Japanese earthquake, Obama's presidential win, Bin Laden's capture and so much more that came to pass in sequential fulfillment causing many, many people to sign up to receive prophetic words. The demand overwhelmed me.

I literally witnessed thousands of individuals signing up at the same time. Anyone who would be in my position and who was an amateur to this experience would fumble management accordingly. No excuse. But that's what happened.

Lastly. Do you need a refund, a service or something else? You may contact me directly on my facebook. I wil respond to you.

I will give you a solution. I will honor you. Fact is. I am gifted, I do love God and I am trying to make so many happy at the same time.

It can be very difficult sometimes. Most of what is written on this website is old. Very old. From the beginning stages of my popularity when I was trying to figure out how to run this ship.

And did I fumble? Yes. Did the Saints show compassion? Some did.

While others crucified my character such as some upon this website. I am solely interested in telling you the truth. Also for those who feel you have been wronged, forgive me. If there is anything I can do for you please reach out.

I want you to know that I care about you and I genuinely want you to know that I have taken notice upon your concern. The original author of this article was refunded after the complaint was issued in the year 2010. I remember that well. I do.

And if there is anything I can do for you whether it be a refund a service, anything. You let me know. And for my accusers. All your attacks did to me was make me better.

Thank you for doing that.

It provoked me to a state of mind that would bring those like you higher and to inspire and to find destiny so that your impact however positive it should be would go the distance and cover the earth.Forever in Christ, Stephen Choate

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I have had many dealings with Stephen from 2007 and 2013.I have even met him.

Let me state emphatically with no reservation even though I once really gave him the benefit of the doubt. Stephen Choate is a liar deceiver and a conman. He will rip you off. Period.

He cannot be trusted. Don't be fooled. He comes up with all sorts of excuses. He sends multiple emails to his lists claiming he has a personal message from God just for you.

A very important message with special warnings about dangers for your life, that you must pay '×' dollars to receive. But he sends the same message to all on that list. Its just tagged with your name so it appears unique. He claims it is already written and will send it immediately upon payment.

So you send the funds as requested and guess what... weeks and months go by and still no receipt of the word. Meanwhile he would have you in a panic or fear about some impending life threatening disaster or devastation lurking around the corner. Yet before that there was meant to come elation?

He plays cruel mind games and keeps you in the dark and feeds you ***! I state boldly that he is no genuine prophet of God and I am not scared of Stephen or his threats. He is such an egomaniac its not funny!

I could share much more however I hope you get the drift. Many others out there like me this happens to.

He is a predator on the weak and gullible and even those who are struggling and...

He's often claimed he is using donations for a better website or ministry resources (which never manifest) but its just greed which he uses on self such as for a new car or other gain.

He has no real spiritual authority or accountability and is a lose canon lone ranger who is causing much hurt and damage to the body of Christ.His doctrines are off beat too.

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He did the same to me, I geve the offering (paid) for prophecies in early 2013 and mid 2013, as well as invested a $100.00 into the 10x return investment. After many emails requesting the prophecies and an answer on the investment...no response whatsoever1 Extremely disappointed and feeling ripped-off.


Did he say that he is greater than CHRIST !!!???That's enough to show you he is not right.

He also scams people about investing in the KENNEDY DEAL.

He gets your initial investment and then continues to ask for different fees and taxes and never pays up!!!

He doesn't know it but he is being investigated about this right now.These poor people may not get their money back....but he will be nationally exposed so no one else can be RIPPED OFF and lied to.


I am a true prophet of the Lord and it is my right to get rich off of idiots like you who give me money.I am the supreme prophet of this nation and who are you to come against me.

I have major TV deals and have predicted events you have no right to judge me. I am the greatest prophet who ever lived even greater than all in the Bible. You are a stench in my nostrils and my rath will come down on you like hot fire. I will stand before kings and who will you stand before, you are a low life of *** I am closer to God than you and God goes before me I am greater than Christ even.

Hear me roar...............the great supreme prophet of this nation.


Stephen Chaote is at is again. He predicted the Boston Massacre.

Now I am really getting angry. Why if he knew the twit he is did not do anything about it.

He is a false prophet. Telling us to buy gold and look at the gold prices. Telling us to invest in his satanic emporium of lies and deceit.

I pray that God will bring him down with fickle sharade of lies. So be it.

I think he is hiding also behind the website Sharon Roach who is asking 300 dollars for private prophecy. Look up Sharon Roach.

The 300 dollars is also exactly what Stephen Chaote is asking for his filth that come out of his darkened selfish evil spirit.

He only wants your money and deliver nothing to warm yourself by. Be warned.


I am not suprised.

I signed up 2 days ago, to my shock I recived an email asking me to pay so that I can be told my prophecy.

I think it was $94.

I wrote to the website asking to be removed from the list as I did not find it proper to be charged for God gift.

The Bible clearly fobids asking for money for a gift from God and doing so is wrong and that he is soley out to get money from people and that a true Servant of God would not do that.

I also pointed out that TB Joshua also perdicted the death of Mj and how many famous people are out there.

He even went to the exent of taking glory for if and I said that he and TB Joshua are all the same!!

When I pointed this out, I got an e-mail back saying that I have an anger problem and that I should not talk to a prophet if God like that and he said that I will go to ***.

I wrote back saying that What he is doing is against the Bible.

The Bible teaches love, now simply cause he calls him self a prophet does not mean. No one can point out his mistake, he is a mere mortal like all of us.

He is likely to go to *** for lying to people than I pointing out his mistake.

I am also a teacher of the faith and if I am corrected I don't threaten people with fire and *** and that I send back the words he used against me.

He was clearly very angry with me.

I also pointed out that he is far from humble.

The emails went back and...

Basically he is a liar and a their who feeds on desparte people.he did not like that at all and he even compared him self to prophet Elisha from the bible and justified what he is doing by exorting money from people.because Jesus told the disciples to go out to preach but not to take anything because what they need will be provided for them.

Is this dude for real!

Using the Bible out of context, there are lot of these Pentecostal pastors, prophets what ever they call them selves doing that.

You don't need to go about looking for people to tell you what will happen tommorow .

God looks after us!!

He Is a *** man and a bandit!! Preying on those who don't know their Bible and faith.

People don't need

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Ofcourse you would be sucked in.Ignorance is bliss.

Since when a minister is in stock trading who also calls himself a prophet.

*** is as *** does.I rest my case.

to Holy Ghost #601272

there's nothing inherently wrong or sinful with minster trading stock.

and certainly, i've nothing against the prophet's gifting.

but i'm extremely concerned about the way he fund raises. Just doing some basic math:

assuming he gets $50K of interested investors and promises them (contractually) to pay them 300 % returns in 90 days i.e. in 90 days he'll have to pay out $150K. He has to raise 100 K in 90 days to just breakeven.

And let's assume his heart may be to bless the saints by providing such astronomical returns with no ill intents or whatsoever.

He'll be able to raise that money to repay his investors if he's some sort of existing and sustainable investment/business that helps him generate the 100 K to pay back his investors in 90 days. Using 50 K to generate 100K in 90 days. Doubling one's money in 90 days is not something easy at all. And we're not even talking about profits. Just break even.

Of course the skeptic will say, if he's capable of producing such returns sustainable, his ministry would be super rich and he'll not need to ask for donations anymore. That's a valid point.

Of course, the Lord could provide a miraculous boat sinking provision.

In the most unlikely case, he could keep promising such returns and use the later investors to pay back early investors until the bubble bursts. So far he's sent out a few of these kind of mails. But having said that, I don't see a consistent intention of...

He's going on a slippery slope by adopting this controversial method of fund raising.

Ministries have fallen prematurely because of financial mis-steps.

Of course, sincere investors and supporters will be disappointed or even enraged if they don't get back their investments.

Let's see how it plays out. Time will tell. If it's off the Lord, it'll work out well.

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