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A so called prophet named Stephen Choate contacted my site and cursed me. He charges for prophetic words and says he predicts events. He never seems to predict them though until after the fact. He claims to be the worlds greatest predictor of events but the events are meaningless that he claims to predict. I gave money for a prophecy and he didn't even give me my prophecy when I confronted him on this he swore at me and called me names and... Read more

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he has again started to send e mail and tell how much time he spent on prophecies that you have not asked for report him till the FBI Internet crime or Trinity Foundation Monitoring religious fraud for almost 30 years.Stop giving to this false prophet. I kept every record of me sending money to this guy against what he actually delivered. Less than 1 out of 10 "orderIt would be interesting to know how much of that money goes directly towards... Read more

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Stop giving to this false prophet. I kept every record of me sending money to this guy against what he actually delivered. Less than 1 out of 10 "order" was never delivered since 2007. It was back then he started to run a membership scheme and I elected to pay a premium to become part of his inner circle and what was called Prophet's House. This is THEFT. I didn't bother asking for a refund -- the sum was small --- but what i had "lost" now... Read more

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Ok. I have been supporting this man and his ministry for four years. I would order the reports and he would be really late but I would get them. This man owes me several reports since last March of 2013. I was supposed to get them because " It was already written and would be delievered upon payment. " Most of them were very manuilpating on me ordering meaning there might be a death or terrible accident in the family but God showed him how to... Read more

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I have received prophecies from Stephen Choate in the passed however his latest and greatest is the ROI on your investment. Which turned out to be a scam. I invested $2000 in this ministry and only received back $720. Stephen proclaims that you will receive daily deposits in your Paypal account however I found myself having to either call or send emails constantly asking for my money. Therefore I emailed for a refund the difference that was... Read more

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Stephen Choates should be ashamed of himself, he most certainly is a false prophet who takes money from Gods people and runs. To date i have not heard a word from this ministry and paid quite a bit. Their website does not even have email contact and the merchant details gave an invalid email address. This person disgusts me but I am so glad we serve a fair and KNOWING god. Stephen needs to be aware that God sees all. Currently I am... Read more

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As usual you sign up & wait and wait. You call and email and are told that "NOTHING HAS CHANGED" if you give $ oh well....!? I have had several "situations" over the years and sadly it was not well handled then & also not handled well now The experience with this has always been one of maximum frustration . BUYER BEWARE DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY Stephen will eventually get to you but if you ask or get frustrated at waiting forever and communicate... Read more

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Stephen Choate claims to know the Master Prophet and his Company...but the Company and the Master Prophet apparently don't know him. Why is that?? All i really want to do here is set the record straight. i have sown several of thousands of seeds into this ministry yet i don't see any of the fruition from it... such as a new website to help choate globalize the prophetic, books, or any other kind of "exclusive" promises made. Anyhow, i... Read more

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Stephen claims on his speakgodspeak website that he has given approximately 90000 prophecies since starting the ministry in 2008. So, if he charged let's say a conservative amount of $30 per prophecy, then he has already made $2700000 in 4 years off his prophecies. That's $675000 per year. And the actual amount will be more, because often he charges larger amounts like $70 and $125. WOW! Becoming a prophet is very profit-able these days! It... Read more

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I filed a complaint here in June 2011 against Stephen Choate, sadly it is the only thing that got his attention! I had call his "Office" multiple times sent numerous e-mails and got no results 3 weeks after my $129 word which was supposed to come within 72 hours as I paid for a expedient response. I could not get through to Stephen but apparently he gets notified and responds to "Pissed Consumer" postings. As he called me in response to that... Read more

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